Finishing up with the chain braid stitch

I concentrated on some thread experiments with the chain braid stitch this week. Since this is the last day to focus on it, I better post the samples now.

It so many ways my execution of this stitch is missing the mark. The braided look is just not showing up in most of my samples. I’d like to try another ground. The knots tended to pull through on this 28-count linen and as a result I don’t think I pulled the stitch as tight as I should have. Well, that is only theory or speculation. I need to put it to the test.

Here are my trials with Perle 12. Things quickly fell apart for me when I increased the number of horizontal threads the stitch was worked over. Even the over two horizontal thread stitching (right) was uneven.


Here is Perle 8, better results here.


The next sample shows two strands of pima cotton, a 6-ply copper-like thread and Petite Very Velvet, respectively.


I was not able to control the copper very well. This is due to my lack of practice with this thread. I’d like the look if I could increase my skill level. Or perhaps a cooper-like cord between a Perle 5 and Perle 8 would work. The pima cotton and Petite Very Velvet were both easy to handle. I wish I’d tried the velvet earlier in the week. I like the fact that the braided look is soft but visible with this thread. The pima cotton could give some nice contrast in depth when used with other thread weights. I was surprised that the fabric held up did not distort more.

Here is another view of my patch. I had trouble controlling the left edge. Still I’m pleased that the wide stitching is holding together.


A line


A flower


Now, I’m looking forward to SharonB‘s TSTC stitch for week 47. Didn’t she promise an easier stitch? It will be such a happy coincidence since I’m expecting our Thanksgiving Day activities here in the U.S. will cut into my stitching time this week.


3 Responses to Finishing up with the chain braid stitch

  1. neki rivera says:

    you’ve created a nice garden with all of your chain braids, the patch could grow and bear fruit.

    neki desu

  2. nina says:

    I loved the samples…the flower one and especially the copper one

  3. Ati says:

    Hi, Every time I visit your blog, I am amazed what you do with all those stitches :)

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