Day 5 with the chain braid stitch

Here I am again no theme, no rhyme or reason to my stitching samples. It seems to me that this stitch has rather a official or regal air. And here I’m using it in all kinds of other ways trying to turn it into something it just is not cut out to do. So I got a bit carried away with trying to make an “official” looking sample today. I just couldn’t pull it off. I finally decided to give up and just post what I did.

I do like the top two lines of V’s; and so far the wide stitches along the side have held together.  But I doubt that this sample could make it throught the wash. About all I could do is stitch the longer stitches down with nice neat backstitch lines. I might play around with that later this evening and see if anything works. At least I have the satisfation of knowing that I could hardly do anything to ruin this sample!


Other far more typical samples follow–much better and more fun.






One Response to Day 5 with the chain braid stitch

  1. nina says:

    Love how you matched the thickness of the thread to the stitch – a delight for the eye!

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