Day 3 with the chain braid stitch

In today’s samples I managed to do a curve and some “off grid” work. But for the most part I’m still playing with straight lines.

The curved line was fun. I’ve not figured out how to do a good circle yet.
tstc46dwave.pngTwo lines were stitched back to back with an alternated pattern. A cherry thread was used to whip stitch the olive green line.


Here is a thick braid with pima cotton over six horizontal fabric threads


The next photo shows a sample stitched with an over one horizontal fabric thread stitch in between each increasing or decreasing stitch.


These two lines were stitched back to back and whipped together with a cherry thread.tstc46dwhipopposite.png

“Off grid”

I was rather puzzled how to do this because the felt ground I was using is thick. When I tried making the stitch over the equivalent of one or two fabric threads, I could not stitch all the way through the felt and keep everything in place. I tried applying this gauze and then stitching the gauze and a few fibers of the felt. While I’m still not satisfied that I’ve found a good solution, at least I had more practice with small curves and threading the stitched lines.



One Response to Day 3 with the chain braid stitch

  1. neki rivera says:

    thanks for posting these. i can only live vicariously for now.

    neki desu

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