Lines and more lines

Things look much brighter to me after all my struggles with the chain braid stitch yesterday. I’ve got curves, circles and “off grid” work still ahead of me. On today’s samples I stuck to the things that were easiest for me. That’s why everything is stitched in straight lines and there is only one diagonal.

These are my trials with a Perle 5 ranging from stitching over one horizontal fabric thread to over 5 on the last row.


Then I started branching out. With a smaller width the knots hold together well and may be spaced out. The first sample is over one horizontal fabric thread. I experienced some slippage with it.


Consequently, the next two samples are over two fabric threads.



The diagonal. I need to do something more with the thread between the stitches. The olive tread is covered up by the pink. I should have tried wrapped them for better effect.


Three ply pima cotton with a whipped thread between the knots on one side.



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