Winding up the Pekinese stitch

I would like to say a word of welcome to new visitors. Thank you so much for stopping here. I hope you will find something of interest in the stitches I explore as part of Sharon b‘s Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge (TSTC). I also keep a small blogroll of needleworkers in a variety of areas. If you have an interest in any of those areas and are not already familiar with these blogs please do swing by and see what they are doing.

As I’ve been out and about I will mention a piece featuring the Pekinese stitch in a great post by Maureen of CrazyQstitcher. Please do catch it, if you haven’t already seen it and while there please take the opportunity for a further look around her blog. Maureen does beautiful crazy quilting and I’m sure you would find many other things of interest. Thank you for posting that beautiful piece and your blog, Maureen!

As SharonB’s TSTC for 2007 is winding down I’ve been casting about in my mind for a focus on this blog and what to do for the upcoming year. Many thanks to those of you who frequently visit and special thanks to the many who leave comments.

Now turning attention to the samples I have at the end of the forty-fifth TSTC week, all of them are “off grid” work. Except for the top photo, everything could easily, and I dare say more tidily, be stitched on a counted thread ground.








2 Responses to Winding up the Pekinese stitch

  1. jowynn says:

    It’s possible to get great textures with this stitch, isn’t it? I’ve only stitched a few small samples on a little practice cloth, but I was surprised at the nice effects. Yours examples here are lovely, and very interesting, as always.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree, JoWynn. The textures can be so varied with this stitch. For instance the next to last sample is done by looping through the backstitch twice once from each side. This is a heavy dense line. I love the feel of it. What a switch from the lacy look of the sample in the second photo.

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