Weaving with the Pekinese stitch

I do have more ideas for using beads with the Pekinese stitch but not in today’s post. Something happened along the way. And I have to laugh at the way it happened, too. So often the obvious flies right by me.

A major thing was the flickr post that JoWynn did about her patterns. It sent my memory rolling back to some of my work with pattern daring that I love so much.



And weaving patterns, another favorite area.


Providentially, I didn’t pay any attention to JoWynn’s title or see her post on Parkview 616. If I had I wouldn’t have been studying so hard about how she did the patterns. However, the exciting thing for me was that all my thoughts caused me to see the double Pekinese stitch in a new light.

It’s great for weaving.

tstc45dweavertk3.png My apologies for a decidedly bad photograph. I’ll retake this and will plan to switch it out later on Friday (usa, west coast). Update with a somewhat better photo 11/09/2007.

This weaving in turn led to even better thoughts about solving my angle problem with the Pekinese. I like these diamonds much better than the ones from yesterday.

tstc45ddiamonds.png double Pekineses at right angles, interlaced.

I’ve since done a couple of other patterns with the weaving and it works very nicely. If this area interests you at all, please do look at JoWynn’s post on pattern couching if you haven’t seen it already. Her documentation on the various patterns she considered as she created her piece is excellent.

After my weaving experiments, I had time to relax and take the Pekinese “off grid” to try out some newly purchased threads.


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