Beading the Pekinese stitch

I could not leave off beading the Pekinese stitch. With one exception all my samples have some beading.

When I started out doing counted thread work on linen I did not want to use anything but threads. I hated beads; please, no buttons. It was crazy quilting that won me over to considering them when SharonB did her 100 details for 100 days last year. As I saw her work and that of so many others during that time, I realized how much they could enhance embroidery. I still am limited in my work with beads. They are not in my comfort zone, but I try to remember the possibility. The Pekinese stitch got me carried away with beads…at least for today’s samples.

Of special note before my samples:

I’ve been following the of Plimoth Embroiderers’ story, where they are recreating a 17th-century embroidered jacket. And I wanted to mention that I’ve been seeing some great posts on the stitches that they use from Carol-Anne Conway at Threads across the Web. If you haven’t seen the project yet, please do take a few moments to swing by and take a look. In addition visit Carol-Anne’s blog to see some of her posts. She has followed up the first post that caught my eye last week by highlighting a spiral trellis stitch, detached buttonhole lace, Ceylon stitch and knot stitch. While you’re there do take time to explore this interesting blog. Thanks very much for these wonderful posts and your blog Carol-Anne!

Beads and Perle 8


I love the first row where I beaded the backstitching. Then I tried switching to beading the loops. As you can I got tired of row two and hated it. I tried to move to alternating the beads but it didn’t work well until I started using the pima cotton.

Beads and pima cotton


Top row alternating beads. Second, every other loop beaded. Third, every loop beaded–much better spacing here than with the Perle 8, I think. The fourth row is beading the loops on both sides of the back stitching. This can be done with one row of backstitching. It’s only my personal taste dictated against one and for two rows.

This sample is the exception to beading everything. I worked on my sharp corners with this one. This is some improvement over yesterday, but I have to improve upon it more before I would turn to this stitch for a diamond shape. It sure does nicely on curves, however.


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