Day 2 with the Pekinese stitch

I took sample stitching “off grid” in the work for today’s post and put everything on a winter white felt. I had some time to relax and enjoy my stitching today. I keep seeing more and more things I’d like to try, especially with beading this stitch.

The only work I did with beads in this group of samples is in this first photo. I expect to add to this line since it has fueled my imagination.


These are the more standard experiments.



I wanted to try threading ribbon through the backstitching. I need more practice to control it but overall I was fairly encouraged about how ribbons would perform. It seems like this is just crying out that I should do something more to the line. Perhaps if I stare at it a little longer as I stitch away on my other samples something will come to mind.


The last two samples are my more experimental work. There are a few weaknesses in them, but it’s given me a better idea of problems that I’ll encounter with the Pekinese and thoughts on how to overcome them.




One Response to Day 2 with the Pekinese stitch

  1. neki rivera says:

    the curvy bottom one’s great! and the one above it. you could do a lot playing with that one and creating negative spaces.

    neki desu

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