TSTC Week 45: The Pekinese stitch

We are in fall mode around here in the central valley of California. I’ve got leaf raking duties. My car’s headlights need to be switched on by about 5pm since the switch to back to standard time on Sunday. The evenings are chilly and the afternoons warm. We’ve had the first rains and fog.

It seems like I should be moving my sample colors to rusts, browns and tans to match the season. But I haven’t done that…not yet. Sharon b has proposed the Pekinese stitch for TSTC week 45. It looks like lots of fun. Sharon’s post not only includes two exciting variations but her stitch dictionary holds the key on how the original stitch is to be done.

I didn’t especially stay on track today so perhaps not all my samples are the Perkinese stitch. But I’m “on grid”. Everything is straight lines although I attempted to soften or angle them a bit. I’m looking forward to trying this stitch “off grid” in curves and circles.

First the lone single back stitch line. The rest are doubles. I think everything is straight forward and self explanatory, so no running commentary, today.







2 Responses to TSTC Week 45: The Pekinese stitch

  1. threadspider says:

    That is a fascinating stitch enhanced by your wonderful choice of colours.
    I too am on leaf sweeping duties and with a forecast of strong winds tomorrow may well be for a while yet.

  2. neki rivera says:

    really interesting variations here. and lovely colors too.

    neki desu

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