Zig zags and no zig zags

In the past few days, I forgot about the zig zags I was suppose to be making when I stitched the zig zag Spanish knotted stitch. So while at times I kept on track at other times I wandered. I was so intent on my experiments that I completely lost focus on the limitations I wanted to impose. Sometimes we cringe when we hear the word “limitations”. I actually find these kinds of limitations to be useful and a challenge rather than a burden.

I want to go back and start exploring the zig zag Spanish knotted stitch with renewed vigor. I don’t think it yields all the profit it could when I lose a part of it as I have in some of these samples. My only hope is that I’ll come back to it with a fresh outlook.

I’ve notice that a real danger for me is that I’m so ready to experiment, I don’t allow the regular pattern of the stitch to be fully explored. When that happens I miss out and it makes the experimenting more expensive than I desire.  I must strive to keep a balance between knowing the stitch for itself and experimenting with the stitch to find out all that would be useful and where it’s limitations are.

Well, so much for using up my post on self-reflection; this belongs in my journal instead. On to the samples.





Lines “on grid”



The sample above is picked up and used on some of the “off grid” work, too.

Lines “off grid”





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