Variations with the zig zag Spanish knotted stitch

I’m posting some variations with the zig zag Spanish knotted stitch in my samples today. This stitch has lots of places to tweak and I’ve been having fun doing just that.

The exaggerated knot and the tiny loops make this line of stitching very flat. The green thread is laced under each loop.


In the following sample as I stitched whatever came to mind, I began to draw the loop under the knot and around and under the previous loop (top area of sample). This gives a wider opening to the loop. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like the look. As I have time I’ll be testing this idea in more samples.


This next sample shows diagonal knots making the points sharper on the zig zag Spanish knotted stitch. This is the plain unembellished version. I need to see if I’ve reverted to some other stitch by changing the angle of the knots. Even so, I may take time to dress it up and see how it handles lacing and threading.


Below is an “off grid” experiment. I won’t begin to tell you all I tried here. I’ll take some of the ideas to “on grid” fabric and test. If they perform well, I’ll post those trials before the week is out.


And a very simple fill that I liked with an arced line of stitching.



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