A word of welcome and the end of week 43

I would like to stop and say a word to new visitors to my blog. Welcome and thank you for stopping to visit. I hope you will find something of interest and be back again to see what’s new. If you are also new to the on-line needlework community, I keep a short blogroll that may help direct you on to a particular interest.

I deeply appreciate how many knowledgeable and capable needleworkers are blogging these days. I count it a gift. It is so encouraging to see the hand work of others. I learn so much from such a variety of people. I wish I could list them all but I think the few that I mention here will be able to direct you on to others that you may pursue as you have time and inclination. You may also check my “blogs” and “out and about” categories.

And many thanks to those who regularly swing by and visit my blog. Thank you for all the comments and the encouragement as I explore the stitches weekly.

Now in turning to the end of week 43 in Sharon b‘s TSTC, I should say I’ve unexpectedly enjoyed working with the drizzle stitch. I’m thankful to have learned and grown from my time spent with it in the midst of a very busy week.

This is one from the last post where I learned to tack down the drizzle stitches by the next one.


This allowed me to then thread other threads though them and here you see the results.


And here it the other sample that I also threaded. I love this pink wool. In threading I used just as it came and did not separate out any of the strands as I did in the initial stage.


It’s profile from the opposite angle.


Here I used the same pink wool with a glint of gold and a small purple thread. It seemed like I still needed more contrast so I stitched in a few more drizzle stitches with a blue thread.


And it’s profile.


One disappointment on Saturday was missing the bead store. I whizzed up in my car to dash in and get a few beads that I could use with a Perle 5 and found the “closed” sign out.

My experiment with beading the loops is therefore very limited. I used something similar to a Perle 12. It stood up better than I expected. I added a few blue loops and you may see the very short three loop purple drizzle stitches holding them together. If I had more patience and time I would have turned this into a flower. Perhaps I still will do that.


I’ve been laughing to myself about a new dilemma. I’m at the end of the week and thinking about how to store this week’s samples away. These samples certainly won’t fit in my journal without getting crushed. I think they are going in a box.


2 Responses to A word of welcome and the end of week 43

  1. Nancilyn says:

    Do you realize your drizzle to drizzles technique is akin to scrumbling?

  2. Marty52 says:

    These are so cool… they could almost be alive!!

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