Ups and downs with the drizzle stitch

I’ve had my fun stitching these drizzle stitches. But when it comes to photographing them,  they are frequently out of focus. I’m going to have to try a few more settings on my camera.

I tried pulling the drizzle stitches down and securing the top of them with the next stitch. Here are two ideas. Unfortunately, I could not get a profile shot. In some areas there is little depth, in others more. It is very easy to adjust and I love the feel of the heavy texture.



These ideas need to be developed a little more so they may be back in the next post.

I’m learning a little more about how to bead this stitch and here I used a Perle 8. I was amazed at the strength it had. It held up if I put one bead at the tip or if I placed one on the needle after every two, three or four loops of the drizzle stitch. Again, I was not able to get a good profile photograph but it stands up very well.


These are the tassels that I was thinking about making. They could easily be made thicker by casting on more threads together or by couching more threads in the drizzle stitch. And here I had the opposite trouble a good profile and no good top down photograph.

tstc43dtasselprof.png  I just noticed that on the lower right, there is the edge of the top photograph’s profile.

This was in yesterday’s post.

Today I was able to get a top down photograph of it.


This was in yesterday’s post, too.


I show it again because I learned that by pushing everything to the center I could overcome the places where my handling in stitching had smashed the drizzle stitching down. This was with a pima cotton thread I’m not sure if all threads would respond so well.



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