Beads and the drizzle stitch

I had fun beading with the drizzle stitch. I’m not a beader, but I enjoyed trying out beads with this stitch. I’m still having a difficult time photographing them. Today’s pictures are not much better than yesterday’s. I’ve only posted the best of the photos, not all of the samples.

I found two ways to bead the drizzle stitch. I’d love to hear other ideas, if you have any suggestions for me please leave a comment. I either placed the bead on the needle or on the thread.

Here are the results of placing the bead on the needle. As you can see I was still experimenting with the length of the drizzle stitch.

tstc43bneedlegreenprofile.png  profile photo

tstc43bneedlegreentop.png top down photo

Beads were placed on the pink Perle 5 thread. I didn’t enjoy the blue Perle 8. I found it wasn’t what I was looking for. It wasn’t strong enough to hold up the beads nor thin enough to fade into the background.

tstc43bthreadprofile.png profile

tstc43bthreadtop.png  top down of beads placed on the thread

tstc43bthreadtopp8.png  top down view of the Perle 8. I just now realized my main problem may be the bead size. I’ll try some more experiments using smaller beads.

Mixed tstc43bmixedcrmprofile.png  profile

tstc43bmixedcrmtop.png  top down

I tried another experiment of casting on two threads together. This time rather than having both threads the same size, I tried two different sizes. The light purple is a Perle 5; the medium purple, a Perle 8. The contrast is just not enough. More experiments ahead for this thought, too.



2 Responses to Beads and the drizzle stitch

  1. Jenny says:

    I love your TAST samples — the photographs are beautiful. Now if I could just catch up on my stittching . . . I can knit at a basketball game since I don’t have to look at it all the time but I can’t bring my stitching, I would miss the whole game.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree Jenny, stitching keeps my eyes on the needle, too. I take a travel bag of stitching with me almost all the time. I’ve stitched in airports, doctor’s offices and found other odd moments, even traffic tie ups to be useful for adding stitches.

    How fortunate you can knit during all those other moments that present themselves when your knitting needles can fly and your eyes may be otherwise employed.

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