TSTC Week 43: The drizzle stitch

The drizzle stitch is a near relative of the cast on stitch. My posts will be mounting up in that category this week as I try to keep up with week 43 of SharonB‘s TSTC. She posted a short introduction to the stitch this week. However, it is chock full of tips for working the stitch and there is a great photo of some of Sharon’s work with this stitch. The post links to her stitch dictionary where there is an excellent step-by-step.

My experiments with this stitch are rather on the “school girl” side. And my sample pictures are very plain. This stitch needs to have something else with it. By itself it is not much to see but the texture is wonderful.

I took some profile shots because the top down photographs that I usually do don’t show much of what is going on with this stitch.


tstc43aprofile2.png In the middle of the pink grouping of drizzle stitches, I used two threads at once and cast them on together. I’m pretty pleased with this experiment. Both threads were Perle 5, however. Now I want to try it with one Perle 5 and one Perle 12 or 8. The green and purple threads are pima cotton about a Perle 8, I think.

Here are the shot down photos of the same area on the sample cloth.

tstc43atop13grn.png tstc43atop13purple.png


In the next experiment involving a second color I wrapped the needle and two previous drizzle stitches in the light pink cast on stitching. The advantage is that it makes the drizzle stitches stand off the fabric more. I think this could increase the depth of the texture in a area where there is not a lot of other stitching to support the drizzle stitches. And it could be done fairly unobtrusively, if desired. I used two colors partly so that what I was doing would be clear in the photos. The top photo is the profile; the lower, the top down.



“School girl” work begins. From right to left the drizzle stitch increases by one cast on stitch. And you can see the edge of some of the work I began to do with beads. I need to retake photos of the bead work. It will be late tomorrow before they are posted, I think. My schedule has taken a crazy turn. So the posts may still be erratic for the next day or two.



Too bad I caught up some of the felt fibers in the stitching. It’s not very noticeable until you have advantage of blowing up the photo. Then it is right there.

Top down shot that really shows what a “school girl” work it is.


Here I’m just posting the first samples from my stitching on SharonB’s TSTC week 43 and week 44 is waiting in the wings. I probably won’t be able to resist trying the zig zag Spanish knotted later later this evening.


One Response to TSTC Week 43: The drizzle stitch

  1. jowynn says:

    Great photos. And what a lot of fun you are having with this stitch. Great ideas, too. Thanks for sharing them.

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