Twist upon twist

I started loading up twists on top of the twisted satin stitches. Nothing too crazy.

tstc42g2then1by1.png Twisted satin stitches in blue Perle 5 twisted over two by purple Perle 8 and staggered over one.

tstc42g2then23.png Twisted satin stitches in purple Perle 8 as the base for twisting the blue Perle 8 over two.

tstc42goffgridtwists.png Some twists are over over three. Basically I did what ever I wanted with these twists in the purple Perle 8.

Now that I’ve practiced and thought about these experiments I think I could go much further with it. I wish I’d though about beads and tried them on some of these longer satin stitches.

Now for the calmer samples…



with perhaps this exception where I used green twisted satin stitches as a grid for holding these other threads.


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