Bits and pieces of this and that

Nothing has been unified in my work with the twisted satin stitch in the last couple of days. It seems higgledy-piggledy to me. But I hope you have fun looking through it.

tstc42f2colorrectangle.png tstc42f2colorrickrack.png



I finally found some felt for “off grid” work. It’s nice to be stitching on it again. The light and dark pink are twisted satin stitches worked in interlaced squares.



The base of the yellow flower is a cross stitch. The twisted satin stitches were worked around it in a square.

Below I tried threading a couple of my experiments on the stitch with silk ribbon. The twisted satin stitch seems ideal for a lot of experiments in this area. I’m determined to try a few more.


Here I used some pink Perle 5 and a blue Perle 8. This is the same Perle 5 used in off grid French knot sample above where the color is more accurately reflected.


I’ve no idea what to stitch next with the twisted satin stitch, but I’m thinking about it. My work schedule is very demanding this coming Monday and Tuesday. As a result my posts may erratic early next week.

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