Exaggerated twists and two colors

Exaggerated twists and two colors seem to be the theme of my experiments with the twisted satin stitch the last few days.

Exaggerated twists

It started out with this trial where I was doing diagonal twisted satin stitches and moved the twist out and over the previous stitching as I progressed in each square.


Then a bit later I tried this.




I tried translating that into flowers or fans. I have a ways to go on perfecting them but these illustrate my general thought.



Two colors

Two colors and two twists each in the opposite direction at the point and then separated out as the yellow rectangles move apart.



No, I didn’t stitch it twice. I’d taken two photographs from opposite angles and couldn’t decide which I preferred. Perhaps I should stitch out the diamond if there is room on my sample cloth. The yellow is Perle 5 and the purple, Perle 8.

Now for the exception–three colors although only two are twisted. It’s my idea of a fix-it-up on yesterday’s rectangle.


One Response to Exaggerated twists and two colors

  1. crazyqstitcher says:

    Such wonderful examples you have made. The colours add to the look of them.

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