Trials with the twisted satin stitch

I’ve been using the twisted satin stitch to make borders and snippets of this and that.

But I want to pause for a moment and say “welcome” to new visitors to my blog and to anyone new to the on-line needlework community. I appreciate those who read my blog and that includes newcomers. Please feel welcome to look around and to leave a comment, if you wish. If you’re new to the on-line needlework community, I keep a short list of blogs that I enjoy in several areas that may be of interest. If you visit these blogs I think they will be able be able to direct you more specifically.

Since I’ve been back from vacation I’ve not been caught up with so many things. I’m still not yet prepared to go back to my Monday out-and-about posts because of my current work schedule. There have been so many posts of interest to read and some great tutorials that have been absorbing. I will mention just two today.

I have learned to enjoy working with straight stitches. So I was delighted when I saw that Janet Perry wrote a thoughtful article about them at Nuts About Needlepoint a few days ago. Due to being behind on my Bloglines, I only read it yesterday. If you haven’t caught it, and are interested, I think you’ll enjoy it. She’s writing it from a needlepoint perspective but I found things to consider for my own areas of interest.

I also finally caught up with Gwen Magee at Textile Arts Resources and found that she’d highlighted lines as a design element in quilting in this post. She pointed me on to June Underwood who had written and posted, The line, as quilted at Art and Perception. Although not a quilter, it proved thought provoking for me and was well illustrated. Gwen’s article also points to several exercises and instructive pages about lines. I’m sure most of my regular readers have already seen these posts, but if you a newcomer or missed them I hope you’ll pop over and take a look to see if they would be of interest to you, too.

Many thanks to all these ladies for their work and expertise.

I must get back to the twisted satin stitch.


I tried two colors and two different thread thicknesses in the samples below with the exception of the third sample where there is only a color difference.




tstc42dbackforth.png Twisted in opposite directions in the top and lower portion. The middle rectangle is twisted from both directions. Oops, I just now spotted a small error on the upper portion of the middle square. Well, I’ll try to post a better sample of this tomorrow. Evidently, I need more practice or better eyesight.

2 Responses to Trials with the twisted satin stitch

  1. threadspider says:

    Thanks for the links Elizabeth. All new to me. That twisted satin stitch is neat, isn’t it?

  2. Nancilyn says:

    Bravo! You’ve done this stitch proud!!!

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