Working with the twisted satin stitch

I’ve been having so much fun with the twisted satin stitch. It’s been doing more things than I even dreamed of, but I have been floating off into adding twists to other stitches. Today post shows a sample where I wandered over into the arrow stitch. If a twist is good for the satin stitch, it might be good for the arrow stitch. I not sure if it lived up to my expectations but I had to try it.


This is the ugly one but out of it there was fruitful thought on what might be attempted. I don’t have it fully stitched out yet but it’s in my mind to do.

More beads–I like this better.


A border


Tweaking the pink flower petals from yesterday’s post.


My bright border and more arrow stitches.


2 Responses to Working with the twisted satin stitch

  1. Marty52 says:

    Love that pink border… AND the turquoise beaded set of stitches above it. Yummers!

  2. neki rivera says:

    ooohh! the fat beaded one is absolutely gorgeous,
    i can envision all kinds of decorations with it.
    The pink border is delicate and dainty and also carries lots of possibilities.
    Thank you Elisabeth!

    neki desu

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