TSTC Week 42: The twisted satin stitch

It is amazing how quickly the weeks are flying by in SharonB’s 2007 challenge. Sharon did a very nice introduction to this week’s TSTC stitch. It shows step-by-step on a plain and beaded twisted satin stitch. In the short time between her post and the last minute before it was too dark for pictures, I made a bit of headway on thinking about what this stitch might do.

Here are some samples:

I thought this stitch looked like it would be good for making flower petals.

My first attempt


An improved petal??? I think a little tweaking is still in order.


Showing the difference between a twisted satin (inside diamond) and a satin stitch (outer). I used a Perle 5 for the inner and a pima cotton for the outer. I wish I’d tried a Perle 8 instead of the pima cotton.


In the border below I also tried the pima cotton but it doesn’t seem to enhance the twisted satin stitch. But I’m sure it’s all a matter of perspective and the affect you want to achieve. The pima cotton seems to have more loft but is doesn’t reflect the twist as reliably as the Perle cotton. At least I think that’s why it doesn’t work for this border.


The last sample is a Perle 5 diamond border. This one is better. I think this stitch has a lot of potential–lots of scope for imagination.


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