Expanded squares – lace border stitches

Expanded squares

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you may remember that one of my favorite design tools is the expanded square. Just as I left for vacation I came across another post about them. It was Susan’s at Art of Textiles in this post. When I got in touch with her after vacation, I found out about her follow-up post. Here Susan shows taking one of the expanded squares and using it as a pattern for a quiltie.

Then when I came back from vacation I found Penny at Back Valley Seasons had also been at work with them and wrote about it in this post. Penny also has another blog about her sketch book you may have noticed along with me due to SharonB’s post on visual journals .

I was delighted to see this work posted on expanded squares. My thanks to both Susan and Penny for their blogs and in particular their posts about expanded squares. If you follow the links and are not already familiar with their blogs, I hope you take time to look at some of their other work. I enjoy keeping up with them in my Bloglines.

Lace border stitches

Separating scroll stitches from lace border stitches.

Did I tell you that I love to look for good used books? Yes, even on vacation. If they can be worked in, used book shops, library sales and so forth are on the agenda. Due to a used book I shipped back from Vermont and received Saturday, I’ve learned that these samples stitched last week are not considered a variation of lace border stitch but a zigzag scroll stitch.



My apologies, I hope I’ve not confused anyone. Sometimes my experiments wander too far and unknowingly I move into another stitch. Since I’m just slowly making my way through this book, I’m not prepared to name or recommend it yet. It has interesting stitches–some new and some familiar to me.

New samples on the lace border stitch



Here I played around with some kind of thread or ribbon I don’t really understand how to use. I liked using it and need to experiment more.



More playing and this might have some scroll stitches mixed in with the lace border stitches. Very disappointingly, I’ve still not been able to turn up my lost sampler from last week. As you can see looking for it and the used book cut into my stitching time.


2 Responses to Expanded squares – lace border stitches

  1. Nancilyn says:

    I like the textured result of the ribbon; it has the effect of cast on stitch but without all the work. I’m pretty sure that’s ribbon yarn for knitting. Rayon?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks very much, Nancilyn. I think that is what it must be.

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