Back to borders

Yes, I lost my trial cloth on the lace border stitch and had to start another. I’m trusting it will show up soon. I think it’s right here in my house. And probably it’s right under my nose and not some place else which will be exasperating.

I hastily started stitching some borders on another cloth. I really didn’t have the heart to redo some of the layering and the curves over again. Therefore these experiments are sort of unexpected surprises to me. Although I certainly wasn’t too happy with myself when I started out the stitching won me over. And I learned a little more about working with this stitch, always a good thing.





I love the idea of this diamond one. I probably haven’t perfected it yet because I didn’t start out with the whole idea in my mind. Almost all my experiments were that way today, I started out with little to nothing in mind and added whatever I wished. The border below has the most additions. I kept trying this and that to dress it up.


This one looks like “off grid” work but it is actually counted except for the French knots.



One Response to Back to borders

  1. Nancilyn says:

    Loving these as well. The last one reminds me of people.

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