More work with the lace border stitch

I took a few liberties with this stitch trying to come up with more things to use it for. I’m not convinced the it should remain a border stitch only. It may take me a while to make it a fill but I think it could work.

Layering the stitches is presenting possibilities. I’ve only tried a few curves and circles so far (most not photographed yet). I need to do more there. You’ll see in this post’s photos that my work in that area was hindered by not knowing what to do with the initial start of the stitch. I’ve got that arrange a bit better now but it won’t show up until later.

Because of the natural lighting situation as we move toward winter, my photographs are terribly blue. I tried to fix them in Photoshop Elements, but I don’t seem to have enough skill to do as much as they need. Therefore this post is a shorter on samples than what is stitched and photographed. I think this calls for rephotographing–not my favorite thing. But now I’m convinced it would have been better for the whole lot of them rather than the fiddling I did after they were taken.

Meeting at the knots






Open lines layered


Trying to add a line to the lace border stitch as we did to the buttonhole bar in SharonB’s TSTC week 39.



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