TSTC Week 41: The lace border stitch

SharonB says she feels we are on the home stretch of her Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge (TSTC) year. I certainly feel the same way. And what challenges she is still presenting to us each week. This week Sharon introduced us to the lace border stitch in a step by step post. This stitch certainly looks complicated but Sharon’s encouraging posts over this year are helping me to be ready to try anything.

I’ve made several attempts to push this stitch. None of them are not photographing well. It is just too early in the morning here for good lighting, please forgive the blue cast to everything.

Alternate off grid


Everything else is “on grid” today as I try to get use to this new-to-me stitch.





I tried a closed lace border stitch. The left one is staggered the right, opposite. This was my favorite trial. And layered (below) came in a close second.

tstc41aoffsetclosed.png   tstc41aoppclosed.png



My apology to anyone looking for the stitch family page update. I haven’t finished it yet, but hopefully will have it soon.

Many thanks to everyone who has left such kind comments wishing me well on vacation and welcoming me back. It has been heart warming. I’m still trying to catch up with my bloglines and am so encourage to see what great stitching and other work has been done while I’ve been away as I work through all the posts there.


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