TSTC Week 39: The reversed buttonhole bar

I had a great time with the reversed buttonhole bar this weekend. It’s another post on condensed experimental stitching time as I struggle to get back on schedule after vacation. Sharon b’s introduction to this TSTC week is super. Her examples inspired me to try some things that I might not have thought of on my own.

After my stitching was done and photos taken, I had a bit of time check out the TSTC flickr account and saw more things I wish I’d tried. It’s very encouraging to see all the good stitching there as well as on so many other blogs.

I started out with this sedate curve.


And finally move forward to this more extreme one.


In between these two came some other curves. On the second sample pictured I tried skipping very other prong of the buttonhole bar. As you will see in the third sample I liked this idea and tried it out on a straight bar.


That lead to this. In the top sample the first and last line of the peach thread are done over each prong of the buttonhole bar. The three middle lines are staggered and skip every other prong.


Two bars off-set and facing each other in different colors.


Two bars back to back. The following two photos don’t do justice to the purple thread.


A rick-rack trial

tstc39aricrac.png I feel disappointed that I didn’t develop this more. I think that a lot could be done with this or other types of couching.


Well that’s it.

I’m looking forward to see what stitch Sharon will be introducing next.

One Response to TSTC Week 39: The reversed buttonhole bar

  1. threadspider says:

    Welcome back from your vacation-glad to have you back. I do like that blue/green couching over the ricrac braid.

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