TSTC Week 40: The linked double chain stitch

Here is the condensed post on Sharon b‘s TSTC Week 40. Everything is “off grid” and I took full advantage of not counting and tried everything I could think of in a second or two. Once I got home to a computer with a printer (see previous post for details), I started playing with this stitch again. Sharon did such a great job with the step-by-step I don’t see how I got lost going through it the first time. I didn’t retry any two color experiments, but they should work in any of these.

There are some stand-alones rather than chains. Others have twists in either the first or second stitch of the double chain as well as in the linking chain stitch. Sometimes I made one of the double links longer or wider than the other. Probably the photos tell more than I could say.

I tried a number of different threads. Personally with the stitching I did, I didn’t enjoy the results of working with the thinner threads like 100/3 or floss. Therefore the smallest thread pictured here is about a Perle 12 or similar.



Oops, this photo and the next overlap more than I intended.


tstc40bnoconnector.png Here I left out the connecting twisted link. I couldn’t resist the way it looked. I’ve had no time to look and see about it, but I thought it looked familiar. If you’ve seen it or know it, please leave a comment. Thanks!

I wish I’d had a little more time with this stitch. Almost every week I have my regrets about all I didn’t get done, but this week is one of the worst. I didn’t do any circles or real curves. I didn’t do zigzags. I tried to get started on some fills, but I think that would require going “on grid” to get the work right. The other experiments I’m disappointed about not trying are ones with threading, whipping or couching. What if I’d tried ribbons and petite very velvet? I love thinking about these kind of what ifs, but I’m making notes and turning a corner. My focus is on TSTC Week 39 from now until I post on Monday (usa, west coast).



3 Responses to TSTC Week 40: The linked double chain stitch

  1. jowynn says:

    It’s good to have you back. And it’s always good to see your imaginative experiments. You’ve shown us some wonderful ideas with the linked double chain.

  2. Nancilyn says:

    As always your variations are exciting and encouraging. This wasn’t a favorite when I worked it, but I can now see many possibilities, proving yet once again there is no such thing as a too blah stitch! You are amazing!

  3. neki rivera says:

    Whoa! the third photo is loaded with good suggestions.
    welcome back!

    neki desu

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