I’m back home after a wonderful vacation.

Have I been stitching? Yes.

Have I been following Sharon b‘s TSTC? Trying. I had limited access to a computer in Vermont and no printer. It lead to the following mistake with week 40 stitching.

I kept stitching this new-to-me stitch and wondering where the twist was while I was on the plane back home. Possibly this might qualify as a linked double chain; but due to my faulty memory it’s missing the twisted chain stitch that Sharon showed in her step-by-step (see link above). Despite the nagging little doubt, I had lots of fun playing with the color and length of the connecting stitch. It seems like it could be a useful little stitch — twist or no twist in the connecting chain stitch.



As you may notice another problem during my travel was not having all the normal supplies. My fabric couldn’t handle the heavy Perle 5 I was using to make this stitch work. While I was away I was focused on using 100/3 threads. I took some Perle 5 for TSTC but forgot to throw in some appropriate fabric.

Later today, I’ll be posting the limited stitching I’ve done on week 40. Monday (USA, west coast) I plan to post week 39 stitching. And by Tuesday I should be back to normal postings again.  I plan to catch up on my stitch family page then, too. Can it be there are only twelve more week to experiment with stitches in SharonB’s TSTC?

Many thanks to all my visitors to the blog during my absence. Please forgive me if I’ve not acknowledged your comment yet. I’m well behind on my email, Bloglines and a ton of other things, too. Thankfully, my office is closed for Columbus Day. I’m hoping to do some catching up and to be out and about to see what others have been doing between now and Tuesday.

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  1. tenar72 says:

    I actually wanted to post the same “wrong” variant as a variant of the stitch! Didn’t get round to scan the tryout piece and write about it because I had other stuff to scan first and real life is busy at the moment. Your examples are nicer than mine anyway. I always go by “what looks good is a legitimate variant, not a mistake”. Keep going!


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