Knotted buttonhole ladders

News note:

I’m off for vacation and expect to be posting again on October 6 (west coast, usa).


I was experimenting the other day with these knotted buttonhole bars. And they reminded me of ladders, not bars. So I had fun with them as my ideas progressed. I should have snap a few pictures of my uncle’s ladders for comparison.

It started with this bit of “off grid” work.


I moved it to “on grid” work with variations.





Above I didn’t knot the buttonholes on the inside curves, just the outside curves. The thread for the bars is a dark purple. Unfortunately, the colors in the photo are not true to life.


As you may notice this ending leaves me with something to work on while vacationing. The stitching in this row is far from satisfactory but I like the idea.


One Response to Knotted buttonhole ladders

  1. Marty52 says:

    Have a wonderful time… I’ll miss your posts and your glorious stitches!

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