Stitching bars of knotted buttonholes

I’m having fun with knotted buttonhole bars and can’t seem to settle down to do much serious work on them. I’ve more ideas that need stitching. If I can find a few spare minutes with my needle again today I’ll be happy. Given my schedule the good light needed for photographs is shrinking as we head into autumn here in California’s central valley.





Not ribbon, I couldn’t find any in a pleasing color. But there was some tissue paper laying around and I decided it would do. Now in the picture below, I used rick rack, no substitute, as the basis for the experiment. The only problem with the rick rack is that the camera can’t seem to capture the fact that it’s purple. The green thread not only held it in place but also acted as the bars for the knotted buttonholes.



2 Responses to Stitching bars of knotted buttonholes

  1. neki rivera says:

    o.k. voting for my faves here:
    the lilac and green , both lilacs below and the pink.
    and of course all those lovely circled and curved rice stitches!!!


  2. Bernadette says:

    I loved the couching you did. The knotted edging really defines the border of the couched ribbon and anchors the ribbon in place so much better than a simple buttonhole stitch. What a great idea!

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