Follow up experiments on the rice stitch

I’m still in school days mode with the rice stitch and learning a lot along the way.

Following up on a line from Friday’s post, here it is in two grids. On the left I’ve off set the second row and would continue to alternate with each line of the fill. The fill on the right seems like it could also be used as a very nice vertical line with room to embellish the middle area as well as each edge.


One of the reasons I like using the rice stitch as a fill is that it has so many places to make clean breaks at the edges of the fill area. I’ve also used it in an alphabet and found it very nice to work with.

Here are some other tests. I anticipate combining the two on the left as flower petals in future projects. The ones on the right I want to try in grids and lines. I had so many ideas that I couldn’t stitch them all out. But from these small units my imagination just flies unhindered and I see flowers, lines, fills and various shape including circles.


I played with asymmetrical patterns in the second layer both on the cross stitch and the upright cross stitch bases. The next two photos show the results. I’ve not stitched these out in grids or lines. But I see potential in these ideas. Since they are square bases they are easily flipped vertically and/or horizontally when putting together a grid.



I’ve been thinking about what a crazy quilter might do with this stitch. While I can see it being used in a motif, I have a harder time knowing whether it would be useful on seam treatments or not. I see some real draw backs to it. But I’ve been thinking about going off grid to experiment along those lines. The other thing I want to do is follow a curve and do some circles with this stitch. In the past couple of days I’ve been thinking of ways this might done. Now to put it to the test.


2 Responses to Follow up experiments on the rice stitch

  1. neki rivera says:

    i think the 2 bottom photos show some really interesting possibilities. As far as i’m concerned you can keep on your schoolgirl mode :)

    neki desu

  2. jowynn says:

    Really neat ideas!

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