School girl’s tests on the rice stitch

I’m working happily away on the rice stitch. It really is one of my favorite stitches. Perhaps I don’t enjoy it as much as the queen stitch but it is still very near the top. I think part of the appeal for me is the square with the diamond shape superimposed over it. At the very end of this post there is a sample where the square is almost brought to a circle.

These photos today are testing various changes in the stitch for both pattern and texture.  I hope you enjoy them. I’ve put the single rice stitch above or below a pattern of four. Hopefully this is enough to give an idea of what a line would look like with out stitching it, where as the fills I’ve tried to draw out with the grouping of four stitches together.



Here are a few ideas with lines using variations of the rice stitch. I’ve included the last trial from the photo directly above for comparison’s sake.

tstc37dadditionallines.png  Upon reflection, I think I like the top two patterns better flipped upside down from the way they are photographed. The bottom one is my favorite line. And there is a lot of room to play with it as a fill. Maybe that will be in tomorrow’s samples.

Below is the beginning of some work with more than two stitches in the initial layer of the rice stitch. I’ve not explored too much more than what I’m showing here in previous work with this stitch. My imagination is working but the practicality of it has to be put to the test with stitching. I foresee being a school girl a little longer with this stitch.



2 Responses to School girl’s tests on the rice stitch

  1. tenar72 says:

    Hey, you are really giving me tons of new ideas this time! I have used rice stitch before tast, but for me it was only a version of counted cross stitch that allowed for more sophisticated shading by combining different colours and thread weights for the two layers. Your versions allow different textures too. I’ll try to work a few into my piece. Thanks, your blog is such an inspiration!


  2. jowynn says:

    A real pleasure to see and study. I’ve just begun doing a few basic stitches. You’ve given me some ideas to play with. Thanks. I can tell you were having fun!

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