Experiments with the rice stitch

Here are some of my experiments on the rice stitch. I call them my italicized rice stitches. This is how I thought to myself, does every stitch on the rice stitch need to cross the one it stitches over at ninety degrees? No, I am free to play. May opposite stitches the in the second layer be a different sizes? More areas to explore.

tstc37bsq11.png tstc37bsq2.png

No crossing at 90 degree angles in the second layer. And the second photo is only showing what happens when moving from more open to denser stitches.

tstc37bsingle1.png tstc37bsingle2.png

Differing sizes of some opposing stitches in the second layer. Also differing sizes in the base stitches, but not uncommon and also used in yesterdays samples.

Below I tried just what ever came to mind.

tstc37bgroup1.png tstc37bgroup2.png



There is a lot to challenge my thinking about this stitch.


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