TSTC Week 37: The rice and boss stitch

The rice stitch! Yesterday when I read Sharon b announcement of the TSTC stitch, I didn’t know whether to be glad to study one of my favorites again or groan because I couldn’t imagine thinking up more to do with this stitch. Please do read her excellent introduction to this stitch and a variation on it, the boss stitch. Sharon does a step-by-step on the boss stitch and has illustrated the post with wonderful examples out of her own work.

About five years ago, I spent about a year studying the rice and queen stitches and their variations. As much as possible, I’ve decided to do completely new study on it this week. It is really hard to imagine how fruitful it may be. I worked with it “on grid” last night. My apologies for the picture quality, I had to take the photographs this morning rather than yesterday afternoon. As you can see, the morning light is not bright enough for what I need.

Cross stitch grid

tstc37across1.png tstc37across2.png


Upright cross stitch grid

tstc37aupright2.png tstc37aupright4.png

tstc37aupright1.png tstc37aupright3.png


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