This and that plus cable chain stitches

A special word of welcome to those who are new readers of my blog and to any who may also be new to the on-line needlework community. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy looking around. I keep a short blogroll to help direct you on to some areas of specific interest in needlework. If you click on “blogs” in my categories you will find other blogs I enjoy and have highlighted. The category “out and about” is about specific posts that I found interesting and noted. Last week, Monday, was the last in a trial series of out and about posts. I’ll be starting another trial series in early October.

I certainly appreciate all of you who read this blog and send out thanks to all of you who leave comments. One comment I received from JoWynn at Parkview 616, I misunderstood slightly. So today I’m correcting that by posting a photo of what will be going into my resource book from this week’s TSTC stitching. I keep the weekly samples in a 12″ x 12″ sheet protectors.

Here are this week’s samples all spread out; felt ground on top, linen (25-count) below. If you have any tips on putting samples away or keeping things in a journal please let me know. And if anyone has any other questions about what I’m doing with the samples, please, feel free to ask.


Each week I try to do some “off grid” (non-counted ground) and some “on grid” (counted ground) samples. I keep the size of the fabric fairly small because I stitch all my samples in hand. As you can see this week was heavier with “on grid” work.

I don’t work “off grid” samples closely together. I’ve learned to give myself an allowance since many times I will expand the work another day. About the only thing that I expanded this week was adding the cable chain stitches to the area where I practiced my colonial knots (details below).

And I should say while I’m on the subject of samples, resource books and journals, do check out what JoWynn has been doing in showing her process as she creates her art. I love her work and am so thankful that she has started blogging. Her blog has been a great source of inspiration to me already.

Here are the close-ups of the samples I did this weekend.


This is another trial in joining two cable chains rows (pink) together into one. I didn’t use the fly stitch as in some previous samples but a third cable chain row stitched even with the others. In prior examples the middle chain was staggered.

tstc36fdrippingcircle.png Oops, how did that hair get in the picture?


As mentioned above, I had to do something with my practice colonial knots that Annie (Annies Crazy World) pushed me into learning with her beautiful samples. Do pop over and see all her work on attaching shishas this week and last, if you haven’t been there already. It is great work. Thanks for showing so many exciting examples of what can be done with them, Annie.


Five cable chains layered.


Two cable chains whipped together. 


One Response to This and that plus cable chain stitches

  1. jowynn says:

    Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for showing me what your sample “pages” look like.

    I responded too quickly yesterday. While resting, I remembered that I, too, have stitch experiments in a pillow case! The TAST samplers that I mounted are in a plastic baggie tossed in a drawer with other needlework supplies and stuff. Unmounted ones are in sheet protectors in the binder with Sharon’s pages. I’m not as organized as I was before ME-CFS.

    As for keeping threads and stitched pieces in plastic sheet protectors, the Hungarian-style piece I posted yesterday has been in one since 1999 with no evidence of damage. The silk studies I posted today have been in one since 2002. Sharon Boggon wrote somewhere that she keeps threads and stitching in plastic bags, too. Maybe you could ask her about it.

    I love your sample with the colonial knots. So fanciful!

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