Circles and lines

The cable chain stitch stitch will follow a circular line well. My difficulty is getting that line drawn well.




The interlinking of the cable chain stitch in this photo was really interesting to do and I liked the version above the dark green thread best. I’m going to try that on grid but in a straight line.

The issue for me with circles and on grid work using the chain stitch is the constant adjustment needed as the circle enlarges or contracts. With off grid work this is no problem. BTW, just looking at the one on grid sample above you can see how I skirted the issue by using only one cable chain and filled in with other stitches.

On to lines.

The first two samples use the fly stitch to bind the two chains together. The last sample shows the use of whipping–simple but I liked it. And of course there are a lot of other ways I could have whipped them together. This one just happened to appeal to me most.




I’ve gotten in the habit of using only two colors for these samples this week but I think the use of three could be very effective. Some of them could be very interesting if turned into fills. I wish I had more time for those kind of experiments but at least I have the basics down and can expand the idea when needed.


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