Cable chain stitches on the curve

I’ve tried some “on grid” curves with the cable chain stitch. No circles yet. I’m still practicing that.

The plain arc




The plain oval




My postage stamp


More beads

This is stitched with 9 ply wool.

Threading two chains into one line


I came up with this by a look backward. Please, pardon the color change and take a look at the first straight line from the right at the top. That line seemed to fit with some experiments that I’d just done about joining two cable chain rows together. So I pulled it out and restitched it so it could go with my samples for this week.


Why did I pull out this old work? I was struggling about what to do with the cable chain stitch. I know I have more experiments to do with curves and circles, but I was casting about for something else, too. Happily, I remember that I’d done a bit with this stitch last year. I pulled out the sample page and took a look. That’s the great thing about keeping a record. And I see one more thing inspiring me to do a little more in another direction.


3 Responses to Cable chain stitches on the curve

  1. jowynn says:

    I especially like the embellished cable chain stitch samples. Tell me, Elizabeth, how do you keep your samples? I’d love to see the way you store your records of stitching.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    JoWynn, I thought I answer this question in comments since others might be interested. And perhaps you or someone else will leave some good tips for all of us to read and consider.

    All my samples prior to a design class I took in 2006, I keep inside an old pillow case. I pull them out when I need inspiration or want to use something specific in another piece I’m working on. When I work on a particular stitch, I pull out all the pertinent samples and keep them in a plastic bag with my threads. When I’m finished they go back in the pillow case.

    My design teacher wanted all my samples on 9×12 (inches) sheets using rings to bind the pages together. I stitched these samples on to drawing paper pages with a sharp needle and regular sewing thread. Then at the end of the year I took Sharon B’s class and got a better understanding of what my design teacher was aiming at with what she called my idea folder. I have become more organized in my stitching my samples to be useful for the future due to the TSTC and having a more definite aim in my work.

    For the TSTC I’ve been keeping my samples in 12×12 sheet protectors, I’m going to finish out the year using them. I’ve been planning to going back to stitching to paper next year. I like the pillow case because I think it puts the least stress on the samples and I like the simple way of pulling them all togeter to have at hand when I’m working on something specific. Perhaps I should think about printing photos for my resorce book and keeping the real samples in a pillow case? I could sew up a case for each stitch family and keep the recent samples more orgainzed that way.

    How do you keep your samples? Any good ideas to share? Any pros or cons on these?

  3. ati says:

    Hi, it is amazing what you can do with one simple stitch :)
    You are definitely an embroiderer. I am from the quilt world and learning all the stitches in the tast challenge this year.
    Thank you for all the ideas!

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