Here and there with the cable chain stitch

As always I have to take myself in hand to start working on circles and curves; the cable chain stitch has been no exception. Once I plunged in I was glad I did.

Here are a couple of things I did on a curved line.


Yes, I know I should have been using my q-snaps.


Embellished lines.




A fill


The horizontal yellow stitches are silk floss and the lighter yellow running vertically is a Perle cotton 5. The black, a Perle cotton 8.

Here is a comparison from yesterday’s sample where I use pink chain cable stitching to bind the two blue rows together.



And today’s sample where I used the fly stitch. Much easier, faster and probably less thread and fuss. I’m not sure which idea is best. I’d like to try each on curved lines or circles. Wow, just now looking at these two photos, I’ve thought of a number of ways the fly stitch could be useful in more arrangements with the cable chain. Perhaps I’m not going to run out of things to do with this stitch after all.


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