Lines and fills

The cable chain stitch is keeping me busy with lines and fills.

Here are some of the things I’ve tried.

This is the ugliest but the most interesting for me since I was constantly changing various aspects of the chain as I moved from left to right.


Possibly the prettiest of today’s samples.


A beaded fill


A stitched fill


If these last three photos look familiar it’s because they’re embellished samples from yesterday’s stitching. For me the major fun of the cable chain is that it can be dressed up with beads or other threads. Some of the ideas are exceedingly simple, others a bit tricky to stitch, but rewarding.

On the sample below I stitched two simple blue chains side by side. The tricky part was stitching the middle pink chain into the links of each blue chain. The key for me was to move the thread through the links before making the small loop at the base of the chain. In retrospect I think there were easier ways to have accomplished this look. For instance, the fly stitch might be an easy substitute for the pink chain. I will have to try that out.



2 Responses to Lines and fills

  1. sharonb says:

    I like the interlinked cable chain – its very effective

  2. threadspider says:

    This is a lovely stitch. I agree with you about the pretty rose garland effect you have in the second picture. Makes me want to pick up my needle! Thanks for you lovely thoughtful comments on my quilt too. It is much appreciated.

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