TSTC Week 36: The Cable Chain Stitch

Sharon b did a great step by step on the cable chain stitch. It provides the introduction to this week’s TSTC stitch and is the start of the last third of the TSTC year. Many thanks for guiding us through so many interesting stitches, Sharon.

I noticed Sharon mentioned that she has an on-line class coming up on October 31. I took the class, Develop a Personal Library of Stitches, last year. If you are interested in understanding more about exploring stitches and design concepts such as point, line, direction, movement, shape and texture then I highly recommend Sharon’s class. She explains it here. She is a excellent teacher, the lesson text and photos are clear and the forum at Joggles a provides an easy means of interaction with Sharon and fellow classmates.

This course is jam packed with material. While you may choose to do the amount that is right for you, I seriously doubt that anyone could exhaust the ideas and concepts to explore and stitch before the next lesson arrives. Sharon’s text is a resource on my shelf now and I’m very thankful to have it.

I enjoy the cable chain stitch. Here are some lines I made with it.

The basic


Branching out








I love this dense fill; a simple stagger and closely stitched chains make it work.
This next one has a zigzag in the middle row.





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