Out, about and guitar picks

Out and about

This is a word of welcome to those new to this blog or the on-line needlework community. Thank you for visiting. I enjoy many blogs, I’ve tried to highlight a few major categories of needlework blogs on my blogroll. From there I think you may find many others of interest.

The highlight of my week was seeing the start up JoWynn Johns blog at Parkview 616. I’ve been busily reading her excellent essays as well as seeing her beautiful embroidery. She has done a lovely tree using various stitches to attach the shishas. Annie at Annies Crazy World has some wonderful and informative posts on this subject as well starting with her August 31 post and going through today’s post. And in this post she also points on to another example of more good work with shishas. And there is so much more good work on this stitch that I wish I could highlight all that I saw this week.

Gwen Magee at Textile Arts Resources posted an article worth considering on working in a series. There is a follow up post here with an Amy Lindenberger quote on the subject.

Cyndi at Layers upon Layers has done two great posts on expanded squares one here and the second here explaining how to make a digital stamp with them in Photoshop. Many thanks to Cyndi for the great posts and to Susan Lanz of Art in Stitches for pointing me to Cyndi’s blog. There is a nice profile piece on Susan there, too.

Guitar picks

This week has been rather exhausting for me. The incident with my eye took a lot out of me. What a wonderful gift our sight is to us! I’m so thankful that no harm followed, but it did limit my stitching and sent my whole stitching plan for the week in a new direction. And I am not sad about that, I explored the stitch in a different way and learned perhaps more than if things had proceeded as I’d planned.

When I began to think of substitutes for the mirrors, guitar picks stood out in my mind as a possibility.  They are made in all colors and a variety of shapes. I see butterflies and flower petals in them. They also have shinny metal look versions but the ones I saw didn’t appeal to me.


Here are a couple of trials with them.



I found the thin picks cut fairly well. I had in mind almost a stained glassed window look. I was first thinking of doing this with the CDs but started practicing with the guitar picks since I’m still perfecting a few things with my cuts on the CDs.

The alternating work I did the other day with the shisha stitch needed improvement. This went much better. I’ve used a different thread for the anchor stitching to make it clearer what I’m doing with the stitch.

tstc35ealteven.png  tstc35ealtdiag.png

3 Responses to Out, about and guitar picks

  1. jowynn says:

    What a great idea–guitar picks. Who woulda thunk? And I love your further explorations. Thank goodness I can come back to your site when I’m ready to look for some inspiration.

    Thanks for the plug, or is blog flog the more appropriate term?

  2. Cyndi L says:

    Thank you for mentioning my tutorial and also for your nice encouragement of Susan…she’s a sweetie!

  3. Corina says:

    I am happy you are Ok, and as always, your post is interesting!

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