Slivers and slices with the Shisha stitch

I had some time to do “off grid” slivers and slices and well as do more “on grid” work with the Shisha stitch.

Here is the “off grid” work.



The more I consider this stitch it seems like the bonnet stitch, but not self anchoring.

In “on grid” work my favorite was this wavy line. The back stitched anchor row looks almost like a little line of tan beads.


Here are two different rows. As I sat stitching yesterday I thought perhaps they might be way to add a drawstring casing to a small bag. The one with the two rows is from yesterday. I just brought it forward so that you can compare it to the single open row. The two row finish is my favorite way of finishing, it seems so much neater. But of course one row is much faster and takes less material.



I haven’t taken up the mirrors again, but Annie at Annies Crazy World left a great comment for me explaining how to make use of CDs. I think I will be trying that instead. Thank you so much, Annie.

And before I’d read Annie’s comment I’d been thinking how nice it would be to try attaching guitar picks with the shisha stitch. I’m almost convinced that a triangular shape would work. It looks like there should be many experiments ahead with this stitch.

Here is another fill idea.


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