Progress on the Shisha stitch

As one of my friends commented on the yesterday’s post the shisha stitch without the shisha. I’m thinking about the mirrors again, but I haven’t decided yet. I’ve had plenty to do without the mirrors. This stitch is an interesting texture. I’ve had a couple of control issues in smoothness of the work and so forth but it’s been fun to work with.

My eye is pretty much back to normal, thankfully. Afresh I realize I can’t take the ability to see or do anything else for granted. How quickly I could be completely without the ability to do anymore work with my needle and thread. My mind doesn’t grapple with these thoughts too often, but when something stirs them up it promotes thankfulness to God and rest in His care.

Here are the experiments I tried yesterday.


tstc35broundedsq250.png rounded square

tstc35bchangingshapes.png  changing shapes


tstc35bperle8vs.png This and the second photo are using the same technique. The size in thread is making the difference. It was and experiment in using a zig zag row rather than a backstitch row as a tie down. On top photo where I tried using both sides to the zig zag row for tied downs, I was pleased to see there is a nice change in texture that could be exaggerated a bit more, I think.

2 Responses to Progress on the Shisha stitch

  1. Corina says:

    I do not have enough time for computer lately, but I have to tell you that I make time to follow your work! Just beautiful!

  2. neki rivera says:

    sorry about your eye, good to hear it’s back in shape again.
    for the sake of discipline i’ll start shishas with something round. but what really has intrigued me is your flat and squared samples above.

    neki desu

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