Out, about and doodles

Out and about

Welcome to the Quieter Moments blog. I hope new readers enjoy having a look around and getting acquainted if you find things of interest here. I especially want to welcome those who are new to the on line needlework community. My blogroll is not very extensive, but I do try to point you to some I enjoy in a particular area of needlework. I believe they will point you on in the right direction to find out more through their posts and/or blogrolls.

This is the third week of a four week trial to point to a few blog articles that I found of special note during the week.

Judy at Possibilities, etc.! posted this article about a beautiful needlework block based on a crazy quilt. She has just finished it and the article explains more. I’ve been watching Judy’s ideas on this concept progress for quite some time through my bloglines. Thanks for taking the concept and doing such a great job with it, Judy!

Neki at A movable feast posted an article about Takashi Iwasaki’s embroidery. Please do check out what Neki has to say and the link to more of his work in her article. He does far more work than just his embroidery. And there are some large swings in his style as well. I found his work very refreshing. Thanks for this great post, Neki!

Lisa Call’s blog New Work and Inspiration is in my reader, too. Thanks go out to her for a very thought provoking post Sunday. The title is Posting New Artwork on my Blog. I’ve thought a lot about this subject since I started blogging last fall. This is definitely a to-each-our-own area because our personalities and modes of working are so individual. I’ve definitely been the beneficiary by learning so much from many people who do freely post new and in progress artwork on their blogs.

But I could relate to what Lisa is saying and reading her blog has been just as helpful to me. This post in particular was well worth reading because it helped sort out my own thoughts. It has provoked an interesting discussion in comments on Lisa’s blog, too. I have pros and cons stacked up on both sides of the issue. I think my own indecision on this issue is one of the major reason I tend to stick to stitch samples or slivers and slices of ideas here. For me classes or face-to-face situations are entirely different than posting on my blog.

Now to turn another corner, I should also mention two pages on this blog; one back in order and one new.

The new first, “Where is Sharon b blogging these days?” This page points you to Sharon b’s new blog and her post on the move. I’ve put this page up on my blog because my blog leans against hers in so many ways every week with the Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge (TSTC). Although my blogroll is updated, I’ve lots of links in my posts that I’ll need to be fixing as the move takes place. I’ll be planning this out a little more before I do it.

The TSTC stitch families page went haywire when I tried to add the Portuguese stem stitch. It’s hopefully correctly revamped. Yes, I will back up more frequently! If you’ve not noticed this page before, be forewarned: I’m not an expert on stitch families. These are very broad categories originally intended primarily for my own use.

Many thanks for all the visits and kind comments this past week.


Sadly, I wasn’t very much more inventive with the Portuguese stem stitch over the weekend. Not that I’ve exhausted all the innovations on it, just all mine save one that just won’t work out yet. There is only one new idea in these doodles and it is looping more than twice to make the knot (see pink edge on right hand side). I pulled this idea out and did a few tests with it. I didn’t post them here but I got very good results with three and four wraps for the “knot”. They look more like a tiny bullion stitches than knots.



I know, more cut outs! But it seemed like a good solution to the orientation of this sample that is stitched on an entirely too small a piece of felt. The only thing new here is the trial on the blue spiral. The detached buttonholes are looped twice in some loops of the Portuguese stem stitch to make it lay flat. It reminded me of what I’d have to do if I were crocheting.

I’ve played a bit with the orientation of this next doodle, but at least I’m back to a normal rectangular crop.



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