News and a few more thoughts

A few more thoughts on the Portuguese stem stitch are in the post today. But first two pieces of news that may be of interest to my readers.

Where is Sharon b blogging these days? Probably most of you have already seen what is happening with Sharon b’s in a minute ago blog. But if not please click the button above for the new links. My blogroll is updated. I’ll be checking to see how my posts are affected. I may have some updating to do to keep those links working and connecting back to her posts.

I’m pleased to say that Hilary Metcalf of Textileplay has posted more expanded squares. Please do click over there and see them as well as read about the developments there, if you’re interested. She’s been working on the electronic versions and has notes available. It is such a exciting improvement from having to roundup scissors, black paper and rubber cement. Unfortunately, my Photoshop Elements can’t handle them so I need to start doing that more frequently myself. Thanks for another great post, Hilary!

Back to the Portuguese stem stitch and a few more ideas.


Here I’m experimenting with lacing two rows together and testing out the changes it make as the distance between them varies.


Here is an experiment with changing the angles of the “thorns” variation I was playing with the other day (pink thread). Then I threaded the other side of the stitch and was pleased to see how this emphasised the pink knots.


I tried doing a filler in the spiral; not too successful. It is not very neatly done at the joins and I should have used a Perle 8 instead of the 5. That would have prevented the tightness there is between the stitches and also lent more interest due to the change in height. But that’s why I stitch samples! I may learn either from both a good or a poor choice.

More threading and my favorite sample in rust and tan.

tstc34echainwhipped.png tstc34edoublewhipped.png



One Response to News and a few more thoughts

  1. jowynn says:

    Well, I like the texture you achieved with the perle #5 in the spiral. And the rust and tan is very dramatic.

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