Couching, threading and buttonholing

I’ve been thinking and working more with the Portuguese stem stitch. I must move on to other areas today. But here are more experiments using it with couching. In this case, I’ve just added to the work in yesterdays post. The work below with threading and detached buttonholes is all new.




I have a composite piece I did yesterday. I’ll try and post it tomorrow. I wish I could have taken a couple of photos along the way on some of it. It is worked so close together that it’s almost impossible to see what has been done. So I’ve tried to pull a few of the concepts with threading and detached buttonholes and stitch them separately. Sorry the colors aren’t much to look at. But I wanted to use two colors so it would be a little clearer what was happening.





Update: I forgot to mention the TSTC stitch family page is not gone forever. I had some kind of error in it when I updated it this week. I’ve pulled it off until I can correct it. It should be available by next Tuesday.


One Response to Couching, threading and buttonholing

  1. neki rivera says:

    as ever, great samples.
    i’m hooked on scroll stitch and still have to tackle Portuguese stem stitch, but since i adore anything Portuguese i guess it’ll be a cinch. thanks for the furoshiki link!

    neki desu

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