Thorns and stems

Yesterday morning I was sitting with my stitching stuff feeling utterly bored with anything I could think to do with the Portuguese stem stitch. Now that is highly unusual state of affairs! Then just a glimmer of an idea occurred to me…wouldn’t it be nice if I could use this stitch to couch some other threads. Well, I’m not sure if I kept the Portuguese stem stitch intact. But my boredom disappeared and I had fun exploring. All sorts of ideas about the stitch are now waving at me for attention.

This variation is basically all the same moves of the Portuguese stem stitch with the exception of moving the beginning of the stem stitches out from the center on one or both sides. Here are some of the things I tried. At first it looked like it was going nowhere.



tstc34bsame8p.png At least not going anywhere fun.

Then I tried alternating and things improved.

tstc34balternate8p3.png tstc34balternate2color2.png

tstc34balternate2color3.png A stitch of two colors was another thought along the way to my goal of couching.



2 Responses to Thorns and stems

  1. MargB says:

    These look a lot of fun – I particularly like your last 4 images. Thankyou for the wonderful inspiration you provide on different stitches.

  2. jowynn says:

    Love where you ended up!

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