The last of the scroll stitches in week 33

I’ve got followups and a few new trials. I think there is a lot more exploration to do with this stitch. After working with it for a week, I see it as a very useful stitch.

I finally had to give in and separately stitch on beads to get them placed in the scroll stitch to my satisfaction.


The bar from Saturday’s post is filled in. I love to handle these dense pieces of stitching.


More experiments with patterns


A single row of scroll stitches over-stitched with stand alone scrolls. These stand alone scrolls are stitched at a different angle than the earlier ones and I ended the stitch as I was moving into the loop rather than at the knot.


The purple thread is a series of scroll stitches. The knots are a bit hidden by the thicker green thread. A French knot is placed in the center of each green knot of the scroll stitch.


Another in my series of patterned knots with the scroll stitch.

Well, as always there are more trials I want to try but another TaST stitch has arrived! Tomorrow’s post will move to week 34.


4 Responses to The last of the scroll stitches in week 33

  1. jowynn says:

    More delightful ideas with the scroll stitch. I like them all, but particularly the purple, green, and orange one and the dense bar.

  2. threadspider says:

    This stitch has certainly produced a huge range of textures and designs. Do you find they occur and suggestive themselves as you work, or do you have a clear idea of what you are going to do?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Judith, thanks for asking this question. I do both and find both very valuable.

    Sometimes I look at a stitch or the pattern of a series of stitches and play the what if I did this… game. And then I’ll be very focused on moving the stitch in those directions as far as it can go or that I have time to pursue. At the close of my stitching day or when I’m reviewing the photos I’ll be evaluating then for what I want to do next, could improve and so forth. That may then set my adgenda for the next day’s stitching. These are what I sometimes refer to as my school girl exercises when writing my posts.

    But at other times I just relax and stitch off grid what ever comes to mind at random. Then the ideas that are suitable I’ll take, put on grid and develop more. Or I may take them back to off grid fabric and more intentionally work with them there.

  4. sharonb says:

    I am late checking you blog this week – but boy I love the second sample down

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