Out and about; without scroll stitches

Out and about

A warm welcome to this blog; thank you for visiting. And especially to any new readers and to those also new to the on-needlework community, a special word to say thank you for visiting. I keep a blogroll that may help point you on to other sites you would enjoy. Clicking on “blogs” in the categories list will bring you to posts highlighting other blogs I enjoy reading.

Many thanks, as well, to those who visit my blog regularly. I appreciate your visits and comments.

This is week is week two of my out and about trial to highlight blogs posts that are of interest to me as I explore some needlework and related blogs through the week.

Marty at Textiles in Time did a great tutorial on covering donut beads. I have a packet of about 30 donut beads. Now I know another way to transform them. Many thanks for doing this tutorial, Marty!

Learning furoshiki looks like a good choice if you want to reduce the fabric in your stash and wrap something elegantly at the same time. Check out this interesting article written by Serena Felton at Layers of Meaning. Thank you for putting together a very informative and enjoyable article, Serena!

I hope you’ve not missed Sharon b Saturday post regarding an article by Germaine Greer published in the Guardian and follow up at in a minute ago (now pin tangle). Sharon has stimulated a very interesting discussion, please do stop and read the comments if you have not done so already.

Thanks for doing this Sharon! You and those contributing to the discussion made me think far more deeply about the issues than I would on my own. All of us are prone to make mistakes in logic and embrace or express ideas that contradict some of our other deeply held convictions. Some worldviews have contradictions in themselves that have not been noticed or resolved yet. It is a discussion like this that bring some of those things in my own mind to light.

Without scroll stitches

8:30 am (west coast time) in the central valley and I can’t get pictures with enough light to clean up and post. The flash comes on if I’m close and if I back off the pictures are too blurry. I’ll be retaking them after work. And posting them then.


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