Tests and re-tests

A busy little day here at home. And a few spare minutes here and there along the way for some stitching with the scroll stitch.

I tried alternating a change in needle position and here are the results.


It sure takes away the “scroll”.  I tried filling it in.


It’s about half way there. I plan to expand and bead this. Unless I get sensible and abandon it.

In other tests, some work with threading (left) and couching (center) involving the white thread. The blue and rust threads is an attempt at mirrored and staggered rows. I like this very much along with the threading. This sample makes me certain that I like my trials separate. These groups of trials are no good for me.


Another test, using the base from some work last week with the crested chain stitch.


Something more with beads. Here I put the bead on the thread I was stitching with while making the stitch. No, I wasn’t pleased with it. But I figure I’m a little closer to finding what I want to do with beads and this stitch. That’s why sometimes I can be happy about something not working out. But if any one has any tips, please leave a comment, thanks!


tstc33eflower.png   Scroll stitches in pink and stand alone scrolls in yellow.

Oh, yes, and the pattern from Friday’s post restitched in two colors and two weights of thread. I hope it makes what is going on with this sample more apparent. It is a row of scroll stitches over-stitched by a second row. For the second row two scroll stitches are stitched under the long loop of the first row and then one scroll stitch with its knot is nestled above the first row between the two scroll loops. I want to make some more trials with this since I see more room for play.



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